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Top 60 Inspirational Movies Every Woman Must Watch

Movies are like our best friends. They make us laugh, cry and think. They also understand us and help us in understanding ourselves through their characters.

I am particularly drawn to movies that influence me, that infuse positivity in me and that make me feel empowered.

Here is a list of inspiring movies that I think are a must watch for women. These are in no particular order but the top twenty are my all time favorite while some down the line are also connected with me in some way. I have included movies that show women in inspiring roles or leave a strong moral message for the viewers.

Please feel free to give your recommendations in the comments. 

1) Dor

This is by far the most uplifting movie about women that I have seen.

Meera (Ayesha Takia) and Zeenat (Gul Panag) are two different women from different regions and religions. They are also different in their personalities. Meera is a docile, naïve daughter-in-law in an orthodox Rajasthan family and Zeenat is a fearless, determined woman from Kashmir. The story begins when Zeenat sets out for Rajasthan to find Meera to seek mercy for her husband who is being tried for murder of Meera’s husband in Saudi Arabia. Zeenat believes it would have been an accident as her husband and Meera’s husband were friends and he would have never killed anyone. As per the Saudi Arab’s law, if the deceased’s family forgives the guilt, the criminal may be released. Thus Zeenat sets out on the journey to set her husband free.

Meera and Zeenat meet and soon become friends. Meera is a vivacious, exuberant woman but now she has been coerced in living the life of a woman who just gets out of the four walls to go to the temple once in a day.

Their friendship brings out the best in each other and they compliment each other. With her Grand mother-in-law’s encouragement, Meera escapes the trading that her father-in-law tried to indulge her in and flees her home. She reaches out to Zeenat and promises to begin a new, fresh life with her. This is an indication that Zeenat was successful in getting the application signed by Meera and Meera in return got a free, dignified life to begin with.

Watch the movie and you know you get up with a sense of purpose and the confidence to achieve it. Gul Panag as Zeenat and Ayesha as Meera deserve a honorable mention for their performances. 

2) The Waitress

As I put this movie on the second slot, I do it consciously. It would not be surprising if you have not watched it or have not heard of it, but you must watch it for the simple freshness the movie brings to the life of an otherwise abused waitress.

It is the story of a waitress (superbly played by Keri Russell) who is stuck in a marriage with a man she hates the most. He is abusive, bullyish and hell lot of possessive.  To add to her misery she is also pregnant with his baby. But she is not excited about it. Infact for initial few months she loathes the pregnancy as well. Her only relief is ‘making pies’ at home and working as a waitress in a diner where she is friends with two other fellow waitresses. She makes beautiful pies and does it so delicately and lovingly that after the movie you would also want to make a pie and give it a completely new name.  Making pies serve as a therapy and art for her and finally also give her a way to escape her tumultuous marriage.

The movie ends on a highly positive note. Though it is made in a light, breezy way  it is not a normal feel good movie, it is actually an uplifting piece of drama. Finally, Keri is able to leave her marriage behind, win a pie making competition that gives her a huge sum of money and some help from the old customer who kept visiting the diner from time to time and left a small legacy while dying. 

3) Bridges of Madison County

This movie is by far my most favourite movie. And the credit goes to Meryl Streep. She has played her character so beautifully well that you immediately relate with her and do not hate her for committing adultery in her marriage.

Francesca is a married woman and has a loving family. She stays in country side and is a fully devoted wife and mother. It happens in those four days when her hubby and kids go to a city fair and she is alone in the house getting bored and feeling lonely. Robert Kincaid, Clint Eastwood, who is a photographer for an adventure magazine passes by the place and asks direction for ‘bridges of Madison County’. Francesca is surprised how easily she agrees to accompany him to the bridges and falls in love with the kind of life he is living. She realizes she also wanted a similar life for herself and with the same dreams she married her husband but in the name of ‘America’ she is now here in the farm taking care of the fields. That brief encounter leads to dinner and much more and Francesca is in love with Robert. He is single and wants her to leave her family and come with him. He loves her too. Francesca packs her suitcase but can not and does not leave.

The thought of hurting her husband who is faultless in her lifeless life and leaving her kids jolts her and she decides to stay in the marriage. Watch this movie to know what happens as the movie progresses and why she asks her ashes to be thrown away across the bridges of Madison County.

Every woman in a relationship comes to a point when she feels she is lonely; her life is meaningless. You can easily relate to this emotion in the movie and probably this is why you don’t hate Francesca for being infidel. 

4) The Color purple

An award winning movie by Steven Spielberg is certainly a must watch for everyone. Based on a novel by Alice walker, it is a heart rendering movie that makes you oppressed, sad and grief stricken for a long length of the reel. The movie is sad until the end. But the end uplifts your gloomy mood and you are glad that it happened.

The meticulous performance by Whoopi Goldberg is what makes it such a poignant flick. It revolves around Celie who is 14 yrs old and is continuously raped by her dad. She has a baby which is killed by her father. Later she is sold/ married off to a ruthless man,Albert, who is father of three kids.

The movie tracks her life while she discovers her self worth despite all the injustice and harassment done to her. Her only happy moments are when she writes letters to her younger sister and awaits eagerly for the replies. But her husband removes the letters from the mail box and makes her believe that her sister is dead. Sofia, Oprah Winfrey, also suffers domestic abuse but decides not to tolerate it. But she is badly beaten and jailed for several years when she passes a rude remark to the Mayer’s wife and punches the Mayor himself. Through a series of incidents, Celie meets her younger sister Nettie and discovers that her father was infact her step father and she has inherited a house and a shop from her real father.

The movie is an outright MUST watch for every woman. Even if you think you are too far to be near any kind of domestic abuse or exploitation, you should watch it to understand how it feels even if someone else undergoes it. 

5) Terms of endearment

In contrast to The Color Purple, this movie is a light spirited, fun movie but the way the movie explores the relationship of a mother-daughter duo is exemplary.

The movie is about two remarkable women and their relationships with each other and with the men in their lives.

It is the story of a mother and daughter  who are like best friends of each other and understand each other’s thoughts and needs perfectly well. Problems arise when the daughter, Emma, falls in love with a man who does not have a stable career. Emma’s mother, Aurora, was opposed to the relationship but Emma still marries the man. The mother supports her daughter throughout until the end when Emma falls prey to cancer.
All in all, it is a lovely movie that makes you want to become a mother like Aurora and a daughter like Emma. The movie is packed with some dialogues that make you laugh but this does not undermine its emotional quotient.

6) Erin Brokovich

Based on a true story, this is the story of a one woman win.

Erin is a twice-divorced woman and has three kids to look after. She is jobless and recently her baby sitter quit. She has around $75 in her bank account and her life is miserable. But Erin or our favourite Julia Roberts is not going to give up.

Do not focus on the deep cleavages of Ms. Roberts or the high- heels, focus only on the message and the grit. Erin takes up a low paying job working for a lawyer and comes to know of the hazardous health threats,  the chemicals of a power plant pose to the residents of a California town. Erin fights the long legal battle and finally wins it.

This movie makes you feel good, empowered and inspired. 

7) Arth

This movie by Mahesh Bhatt captures the trauma of a wife who is left by her husband.

Pooja (Shabana Azmi) is married to Inder who is now having an extra marital affair with Kavita (Smita Patil). He deserts Pooja for Kavita and Pooja leaves her home (that she had dreamt of since her adulthood) and moves in a women’s hostel. There she finds a new job and tries to begin a new life.

Raj, Pooja’s friend, proposes to her but she refuses. In the mean time, Pooja’s maid kills her husband who stole the money she had hard earned to pay for her daughter’s school fee. The maid finds out that her husband is having an affair with another woman and thus kills her and confesses her crime in a police station. Pooja decides to take care of the daughter and again refuses Raj’s proposal saying that she has found a new meaning and purpose in life.

The movie proves that being deserted by a man is not the end of life and that with self belief and self respect, every woman can be what she wants to be , with or without a man. 

8) Amelie

It is a totally beautiful movie about a naturally beautiful, soft woman.

Amelie, an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love. She is a waitress in a café in Paris and decides to improve the lives of her customers. Though she is not able to improve her own. But as time passes, she falls in love with a handsome loner and finally wins his heart.

This movie shows the real spirit and capability of an innocent woman and tells how a free spirited, good hearted woman can spread smiles around.

9) Cries and whispers

What a mysterious yet emotional movie this is!

It is a story of four women – Agnes is thirty- something and dying of cancer. Her two sisters Karin and Maria are attending her along with a peasant Anna. Anna is the one who wakes up in the night to take care of Agnes. Karin is an angry woman who hates her diplomat husband and Maria believes she is very beautiful and does not hesitate in getting into extra-marital affairs.

Agnes dies battling cancer and it is revealed that Karin and Maria never liked each other. Later in a dream like sequence, she re-appears and asks her family to be together and love each other. The movie is mostly sad and full of hatred but the last words as taken from Agnes’ diary that she has always maintained give it a hopeful ending. These last words are 'Come what may, this is happiness. I can not wish for anything better. Now, for a few minutes, I can experience perfection. And I feel profoundly grateful to my life, which gives me so much'. 

10) Juno

Many may argue it is simply a comedy movie but I still like Juno and think every woman should watch it. Juno is a teenage girl who gets pregnant with her boyfriend. She is advised of aborting the baby but she just can’t seem to take it. Instead she decides to put the baby up for adoption and looks for the right parents.

The way young and confident Juno finds parents for her unborn baby and in the meantime realizes her love for her boy friend is what makes this movie good for women. 

11) English Vinglish

It is a light-hearted yet emotional movie that I think is a must watch for every wife and a mother. I have written a long review of the movie here.

12) Queen 

I watched this movie this year and I absolutely LOVED IT. The movie is about a young girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and would-be husband on her day of wedding. Dejected yet full of ambition, she decides to go solo on her honeymoon. It is this journey through some European countries that transforms her - as a woman and as a lover. Her boyfriend, after seeing her new avatar, realizes his mistake and wants to get back with her. But Rani, the Queen, does not need him anymore. 

This movie is for all those women who fail to realize their true worth and let the man of their life decide their worthiness. Watch it whenever you feel lonely and need a movie to make you feel better right away. 

Why you must watch - To catch hold of your life and to know that your worthiness does not depend on others' parameters. 

13) Eat, Pray, Love


Do I need to talk about this movie which is based on the masterpiece by Elizabeth Gilbert? 

I am in love with the book Eat, Pray, Love and have reviewed it on the blog. The book is about a woman's journey of discovering herself emotionally and spiritually through three countries. The movie doesn't totally do justice with the book but you need an uplift in life in shorter than 2 hrs, watch the movie. 

Why you must watch - To re-discover yourself. 

14) Mirch Masala 

How does one woman save herself from the evil, lusty eyes of a tyrant subedaar who has complete authority over the village and the villagers? To know the answer, watch Mirch Masala. You have to watch the movie to know how women survived in the colonial raj. Directed by Ketan Mehta, the movie is an ode to legendary Smita Patil, portrayed as Sonbai who the subedaar wants to fulfill his desires. 

Why you must watch -  A woman stands by her conviction and refuses to give in to the lecherous demands of a subedaar. She, instead, slaps him! 

15) Damini 

Much like Mirch Masala, Damini is also a story of a woman's strong sense of conviction. A woman named Damini, played excellently by Meenakshi Sheshadri, decides to stand against her family to support a rape victim. She is beaten, threatened, sent to a mental hospital but she refuses to give up!

Why you must watch - If each one of us become Damini, India would be the safest place for women. 

16) Mary Kom and Million Dollar Day

(Source: Chikotee)
Evoking the lost ambitions of being a boxer is the main theme of these movies. Both the movies deal with the same subject, a woman boxer, in slightly different ways. 

Mary Kom is an excellent movie to watch if you think your marriage has ruined your career prospects. Mary Kom, India's best woman boxer, fights for India while being married with two sons. 

What's inspiring - Pursuing your dreams and accomplishing them. 

17) Kahaani

A pregnant woman has never looked so beautiful and sensual as Vidya Balan in Kahaani, who goes searching out for her missing husband. 

An eight months pregnant woman finds her husband missing and decides to take the revenge with a vengeance. The movie is a MUST WATCH not just for the plot and Vidya's performance but also for the vigor and the fire a wife can have when looking for her husband. 

Why you must watch - For the grit and determination of a wife to either find her husband or kill her killer. 

18) Changeling 

On the lines of Kahaani, Changeling is a movie about a mother's search for her son. The prime reason to watch the movie is to see how one mother does nor lose hope and relentlessly searches for her son while the other can be the beautiful Angelina Jolie. 

She portrays the role of a anxious mother so poignantly that you immediately feel for her. 

Whats inspiring - A mother's will power.

19) Mother India

If Angelina touched us as the strong willed, confident woman, Nargis in Mother India would touch you as the virtuous Indian mother who loves her son but kills him when he brings shame to a girl of the village. 

Mother India is the quintessential flick about one woman and her plight after her husband leaves her with two children to take care of. The movie will fill you with strength! 

Why you must watch - Mother India is a woman of indisputable integrity

20) Brief Encounter

(Source: Tumblr)
This is my another all-time favorite movie on the subject of marriage. The story revolves around a happily married woman, Laura, who has a loving husband and two obedient children. There is nothing wrong in her life. She goes to a nearby town every Thursday and one such day she accidentally meets a handsome doctor who helps her on a railway platform. They meet up again and these meetings lead to a romantic alliance between the two. 

Sooner than later they realize that they can not be together. The doctor asks her to come with him to South Africa where he is moving for a new job but Laura refuses. They have a tragic end to their relationship and Laura returns to her family. 

Her loving husband is waiting for her and it is imperative from the scenes that he knew where Laura had been for all these days but he is glad that she is home. 

Why you must watch - You would feel the misery of a married woman who falls in love with another man even though she loves her family. 

21) The Devil Wears Prada

Based on a novel of the same name, the movie follows the life of a budding journalist who gets her dream internship with a reputed magazine. Initially thought of as unfit for the job, she climbs the staircase and is now on her dream trip with the editor, a well known figure in the fashion industry, to Paris! 

Through this dream job, the young journalist realizes what all she has put at stake and what all she really wants in life. 

Why you must watch - Every professional woman should watch it to know that everything comes at a price. 

22) Little Women


Based on a classic novel by Louisa Alcott this movie is about five women who, as a family, overcome hardships together. Known as March sisters, they face adversities during and after the American civil war. 

Why you must watch - For another re-assurance that as family, you never fail. 

23) Bridget Jones' Diary

(source: Tumblr)
The movie should appear a little higher in the list but anyway. Bridget's fun take on life is truly inspiring. She is herself and she is happy being herself. 

Why you must watch - If you think you are the odd one out, mostly. 

24) The Diary of a Young Girl 
(Source: article.wn)
I do not remember how many times I cried while reading the book, this book is based upon. If I have to personify positivity, I would give it the name of Annie Frank! 

Why you must watch - To learn that we must not lose our faith and that even in dark times, one can make an impact. 

25) Julie and Julia
(Source: Tumblr)
The movie is based on a true story and reflects the challenges a young woman faces when she decides to pursue her hobby and decides to cook 524 recipes mentioned in a cook book all in a span of 365 days. 

Why you must watch - To believe that impossible dreams also come true. 

26) Double Life of Veronique

Double Life of Veronique is a French and Polish language film that is intricately written and directed by the Krzysztof. Not just the movie's cinematography and Irene Jacob's performance are outstanding, the movie is a cult because it talks about love and human connection without using tangible string. It is about a young girl named Veronika who feels that she has an unknown connection with her soul mate (another woman named Weronique) even though the two have never met. 

Why you must watch -  If you are looking for a metaphysical connection with someone in life.

27) The Iron Lady

It is based on Margaret Thatcher's life and the main protagonist is played by the amazing Meryl Streep. Not only you would love the movie for Meryl's portrayal of the role, that eventually won her an Oscar award, you would also love it for knowing how Margaret became what she was, United Kingdom's longest serving Prime Minister and the only woman prime minister of the country. 

Why you must watch -  For the iron lady! 

28) Steel Magnolias

Watch this movie to know what it takes and means to be a woman. A perfect film that epitomizes the bond of friendship between six women. It is fun and enlightening to watch them talk about the important topics of their lives ranging from relationships to marriage to husbands to makeup and life and death. 

What's inspiring - Celebration of womanhood in moments of joys and tears. 

29) In Her Shoes

I am not too fond of the movie though I loved the novel. However the movie is still included in the list for its plot. It is a movie about two sisters who love each other despite being poles apart in personalities. 

Why you must watch -  An irresponsible woman's transformation into a caring, sober and competent woman and how she rekindles her bond with her sister.

30) The Help

Again based on a novel by the same name, the movie The Help deals with racism. A poignant movie that touches you every 5 minutes when you are watching it, surely fills you with a courage. You can read more about the movie in the review of The Help that I did on the blog. 

Why you must watch - Racism is cruel but not all white people are bad. A white woman writes about the plight of black women. 

31) Daman

Not many know about this movie and only few know that this is the movie that helped Raveena Tandon get her first and the only national award for the best actress. The movie is about a battered wife and the domestic violence she bears at the hands of her alcoholic and abusive husband. It is inspiring because in the end, the wife stands up for herself and wins. 

Why you must watch - For there is a Durga in each one of us. 

32) Black

Helen Keller's autobiographical book gave birth to this masterpiece by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. A deaf, mute and blind girl goes on to learn reading and completes her master degree. Can there be anything more inspiring and motivating than this? 

Why you must watch - No dream is impossible.

33) Mili

While the above movies are based on a book or follow journey of a woman through her struggles, the movie Mili is about the spirit of life itself. A terminally-ill woman knows how to live life to the fullest so much so that when the movie ends, you secretly pray for her well-being. 

Why you must watch - For the free-spirited Mili who teaches a wrath laden neighbour the meaning of love. 

34) Fried Green Tomatoes 

It is a beautiful story of friendship between two women of different age and different temperaments. Based on the novel by the name, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, the movie is not as good as the book but that is a different matter. It is the concept of the movie that has brought it here on the list. 

Why you must watch -  You are soft or strong, doesn't matter. You should be who you are. 

35) Maria Full of Grace

Read my review of Maria Full Of Grace and you would know why the movie is listed here. 

36) The Joy Luck Club

The movie deals with relationships and deals extensively, deeply and comprehensively. It is primarily about four women and their relationships with their children. The movie talks about contrasts and similarities between two continents, two generations, two races and two roles women play - mother and daughter. 

Why you must watch - A dose of love and understanding in relationships. Helps in bridging generation gaps.

37) Memoirs of a Geisha

Based on the novel by the same name, Memoirs of a Geisha tells the story of a young geisha who is sold by her family and how she becomes the most celebrated Geisha of the country. 

38) Precious 

It is a story of a girl named Precious who is abused in her home by her parents. Her father rapes her and her mother not only abuses her but also blames her. Precious becomes mother of two children from her father and later discovers that she is also HIV Positive. Dejected but still hopeful, Precious begins to work on improving her life. 

What's inspiring - How a woman's faith in the welfare of another woman helps her. 

39) Bend It Like Beckham

An Indian girl settled in the UK with her family wants to play Soccer and she intends to play like Beckham whom she adores. Isn't it enough of a line to make you watch the movie to know what happens to Jess and if she really gets to play football? 

Why you must watch - Passion rules. All else fails. 

40) Astitva 

Every woman longs for an identity outside her marriage. So did Aditi. Feeling neglected by her over busy and over occupied husband, Aditi finds solace in her music teacher's arms. Though she resents her feelings later and decides to not keep in touch with him. Layers of her relationship open up when her husband becomes suspicious of the child Aditi gave birth to. 

She is subjected to humiliation by having to admit about her affair and pregnancy in front of her son and family friends, but her husband does not budge. Eventually, Aditi walks out of her marriage thus finding her astitva. 

Why you must watch - Tabu's performance and how a man can get away with cheating multiple times but a woman pays a heavy price for one time love. 

41) Their Eyes Were Watching God

I have absolutely loved reading Zora's novel Their Eyes Were watching God. I haven't watched the movie yet but I hope it does a good job at adapting the novel. 

Why you must watch (or read the book) - A timeless classic, it is as relevant today as it was many decades ago.

42) Muriel's Wedding

An ugly duckling day dreams of a lavish, glamorous wedding with a rich man. Although she faces problems, she does not lose hope and continues chasing her dreams. Just that in this pursuit, she also faces reality. 

Why you must watch - To have some of Muriel's faith in herself and her hope that she will be valued and loved, rubbed off onto you. 

43) Moolade

When I watched Moolade couple of weeks ago, I was awestruck with the cinematography plus performances plus the way a subject like genital mutilation was dealt with. 

A woman stands up against the practice of genital mutilation of young girls in a village in Senegal, gets thrashed in front of the entire village but still refuses to give up. The result? No more young women to be mutilated. 

Why you must watch - A mute spectator is a part of the crime.

44) Beloved

Three reasons you must watch this movie - Oprah Winfrey stars in it, It is based on Toni Morrison's novel (I have reviewed Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye on the blog) and it deals with the subject of racism and slavery.

Why you must watch - It touches your deepest feelings as a woman. 

45) Bawandar

A low caste married woman is gang raped in a village in Rajasthan in front of her husband after she raises her voice against the practice of child marriage. She does not lose hope and fights for justice but the three men of the same family and of different generations, get away with the rape. 

Why you must watch - A story that will equally move you with as much disgust as with hope and will power. 

46) Khoon Bhari Maang

Who ever knows Indian actress Rekha probably knows Khoon Bhari Maang as well. What a movie about revenge and protecting your children! Rekha is left to be killed by crocodiles in a river but fate brings her back, and with vengeance. She takes equally brutal revenge from her killers. 

Why you must watch - A woman centric movie in the times of men dominated industry

47) All About Eve

While the other movies on this list are about how good and sacrificing and tolerating we women can get, this one is about how bitchy, cruel and devilish women can get to pursue their dreams. One woman named Eve tries all tricks to get to the top and eventually attains what all she aspires for but now she has to lose it to another Eve (in the making) in exactly the same way as she snatched it years ago.

What's inspiring - Triumph of will power over superficial beauty

48) La Vie En Rose

Based on the life of French singer Edith Piaf, the movie is highly inspirational taking us through all the ups and downs Edith faced in her life. Born to a street singer and a circus acrobat, Edith is left with her mother who runs a brothel. She is temporarily rendered blind and deaf but amidst such adversities, the young girl grows to be Edith Piaf.

What's inspiring - Her story of life itself is so inspiring which takes you through joys and tragedies and from love to heartbreaks. 

49) Lady Sings The blues

Quite similar to La Vei En Rose, Lady Sings The Blues is another inspiring story and a tribute to famous Jazz singer Bill Holiday. 

50) Mahogany

On the lines of the previous movie in the list 'Lady Sings The Blues', Mahogany also follows the journey of an aspiring designer named Tracy who dreams of being the top designer of the country. Her ambition later leads her to a path where she has to choose her love or her blooming career. 

51) What's Love Got To Do With It (and Abhimaan)

The American biopic film Whats Love Got To Do With It and the Bollywood film Abhimaan, starring Amitabh and Jaya Bhaduri, are movies on the same lines. 

The women in both the movies become well known performers in their respective areas. They receive tremendous encouragement and support from their husbands initially but soon lose it all to their spouse's increasing jealousy with their successes. In the former, the woman decides to move on solo while in the Indian flick, she re-unites with her husband after his profound apology.

What's inspiring - Tina Turner's undeterred spirit that enables her to face the gun her husband holds at her and go onto the stage to perform.

What's inspiring - Here the woman does not leave her husband but her husband isn't a wife beater either! She is forgiving in nature and reconciles with her husband. 

52) Beaches

Although the movie is full of cliches and is a little predictable it is still a must watch for women. Two young girls who become friends on a beach continue to remain best friends while going on their separate paths. After a major fall out, destiny brings them together again and they are friends forever.

Why you must watch - to celebrate friendship. 

53) Marie: A True Story

Based on a true story, the movie chronicles the life of an abused wife who is married to a wife-beater. She gathers the courage to leave him and raise her two kids all by herself when one of the two is terminally ill. She also enrolls herself in a school and gets involved in a political world and finally becomes the head of the state parole board. 

What can be more inspiring than this?

54) Legally Blonde

This is a drama film in all aspects but so inspiring. Elle gets into the revered Harward Law School to win back her boyfriend. Faced with ridicules on the way, she continues to grow up as a threat to the seemingly smart lot of the class and goes on to become a reputed lawyer and yeah! she dumps her boyfriend whose quest brought her to the law school. 

What's inspiring - A woman discovers herself during and after a heart break and finds her competence in her profession. 

55) Just Another Girl on the IRT

It is a touching story of a seventeen year old girl who dreams big of becoming a doctor while leaving her poor neigbourhood. But her dreams come crashing down when she loses her focus and ends up becoming pregnant. 

Why you must watch - For a just another girl and her big dreams. 

56) Gone With The Wind

Who does not know about Gone With The Wind and who does not love Scarlett O Hara!?

Why you must watch - To just see who is Scarlett O Hara.

57) Brave

It is an animated film about a young girl who defies her kingdom's rules and thus creates a chaos. Her mother is turned into a bear and the girl has to undo this effect before the next sunrise.

Though the movie is animated and may feel like  a cartoon film for kids but the essence of the movie lies in the strength and undefeated attitude of the protagonist. Apart from this, the movie also contains an emotional side of a mother and daughter relationship.

Why you must watch - A woman can run a whole kingdom.

58) Norma Rae 

A cotton mill minimum wage worker, Norma Rae, decides to create a Union. Her first step - writes down the word UNION on a cardboard and places it on her work table and then shows it to everyone around. 

The result? - A union is formed and gains victory.

The movie isn't just about union and strikes in a factory but also has a pathos angle when another union organizer whose speech had inspired Norma, falls in love with her but does not even tell her because he knows Norma is dedicated to her family and loves her husband.

Why you must watch - A woman can bring a revolution. 

59) Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day

What all can happen in a span of just 24 hours? Watch this movie to know. It is about a middle class woman named Pettigrew who becomes a part of high society through a new job she takes up. She makes new friends and sorts out her own life plus the life of her new friend-cum-employer.

Why you must watch - A day can change your life.

60) Mrs. Henderson Presents

Based on the true story of a theatre in London, the movie deals with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the times of World War II. A widow, who is bored of her widowhood, thinks out of the box and starts a theatre that not only becomes a noted theatre in the country but also saves the lives of the soldiers during the war. 

Why you must watch - Innovation and entrepreneurship are not bound by times or gender. 

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