My Birthday Moments: happiness lies in small, little things.

4:26:00 PM

Today is my 30th bday! And it is already one the most memorable ones. The most obvious reason is Pahal - my eight months old daughter, who is celebrating it with me and the not-so-obvious reasons are the small, little things that have made my day!

It started when the two people I love the most presented a rose to me! It was her daddy's idea and it just made me feel so loved. Below is the pic.

Next came an even lovelier surprise from Bapi, our cook. After breakfast, I was sitting on my laptop to blog and he entered with a plate of coconut laddoos and a flower bouquet that he made from the flowers in our garden. I was overwhelmed by his sweet gesture. Since morning he was busy scrapping coconuts.. and I didnt know why. and then the laddoos came and I knew why. Very gently he said, 'Happy Birthday Madam. This is for you.. a gift from me.'

And hurray, as I write this post, I get a parcel from my special friend whom I very fondly call Singh. The packet contains what I need the most today evening - lipsticks! She has been a friend who has never forgotten my bday in the last 12 years. But same with me. I too never forgot hers. Gifts are such a beautiful thing.. they make you look beautiful, feel beautiful and feel loved. My smile gets dazzled by multitude in the shades sent by her! Isn't it?

In the evening, we are planning to go to a nearby beach to celebrate my day but I don't care if we go or not because I know I have celebrated my birthday in the best possible way.

Happiness can be found anywhere and I usually find it in small, little things around me. In 2009, my hubby gifted me a digital camera, in 2010 he got me a Sony Viao laptop and in 2011, a rose. But this rose conveys many more messages than the camera and the laptop. The sweets and flowers gifted by Bapi and finally the surprise gift by my dearest friend.. have made this day so unforgettable.

I always look for happy moments along the day that passes by. And may be that is the reason, people often tell me that I have stories to tell in almost everything I do, everywhere I go. I tell you how I get so many stories.. - I live the moment.
And like everyone else, I too had times when I shut myself up in a cocoon; when I thought God was being unfair to me and times when I almost hated myself for being so much in love with life that I could not give up. But like I just said.. I love life. I wanted to live and so I decided to live.

I did not expect life to change for me.. (or maybe I did.. maybe that is why I had my days of loneliness and sorrows) but I altered my ways to adjust with my life's. And happily here I am.. celebrating another birthday, merrily!

In the next post, I will share the most memorable birthdays of my life so far and what made them so. Till then, have a good time and read other posts of the blog if you have not read them.

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  1. Hi Surabhi,

    Happy b'day to you!!!
    I am reading your blog since few days but I think today is the best day to start commenting on your blog.

    Lovely post with full of emotions.

  2. Janam Din bahut bahut mubarak ho :) and u really had a fantastic b'day...from family and ur dear friend..!! hope the same continues and God Bless you..:) -DK

  3. Such a great birthday you had.. lucky you :)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Surbhi! I am ardent fan of your blog and every visit here fills me with inspiration to appreciate the things I've got in life and not crib for the ones I havent.

    1. Hi Shireen, thank you so much! I am so happy to know that you find the blog useful. Thanks a lot again and hope you stay around. :)


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