Simple Yet Important Lessons To Be Learned From A Baby

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The moment a child is born,the mother is also born.
She never existed before.The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new. ~ Rajneesh

As my nine months old daughter grows up with time, I grow with her too. While I spend hours in teaching her few, little things she doesn’t even seem to notice, she easily teaches me some important lessons of life that I could not learn despite hard attempts.

I have always believed that every relationship is two-way and same applies to a mother-baby relationship. When a mother does some duty bound favours to the baby, the baby also returns them with full innocence and even more love and value. Also, learning is again a two way process. While we teach few things to someone, we learn many new things in the process.

Many valuable teachings are often hidden in small, little acts or words. In my earlier post my birthday moments... I tried to explain the same thing that happiness lies in small, little things. Small acts of kindness teach us how rude or insensitive we are. A simple, encouraging statement from somebody ushers a stream of confidence in us.

Since the time she is born, I have become busy like crazy and I have started feeling I am so slow at picking up things and she is so fast! And I also understand that she is not an extra ordinary baby. All the babies at her age are fast learners. Maybe I was too when I was nine months old!
As I rediscover myself while bringing her up, I have learnt extremely precious lessons that only she could teach me.

An Attitude to Give – Ever since my childhood, I have been a possessive person. I could share many of my things with friends and siblings but few things were just mine and it was always better to just let them be mine. In the past nine months I have developed a tremendous sense of giving and sharing. While I always wondered how moms could sleep on a wet bed, I now do it conveniently. Though I make arrangements that none of us have to sacrifice our deep sleep for a wet bed but so many times she comes near me for an embrace and pees exactly there, next to my back. Then, without complaints, I exchange the sides of the bed with her.

I have never experienced such strong sense of sharing before. Earlier I would share things but there was always a feeling of worry or an expectation of a favour in return. And now I do it without any of these. While giving I feel happy imagining that my daughter is sharing her things and I am so proud of her for being such a philanthropist.

Unrequited Love - I call it unrequited love because it is unconditional, unbiased, innocent and pure.
Once, in a spur of a moment, I pushed her aside while she accidently pressed DEL button on my laptop and the document I was working on vanished. Maybe I had pushed her hard, so hard that she fell flat on the bed and started screaming. This annoyed me even more. But the anger soon turned into shame when even while weeping, she crawled towards me, stood up with the support of my shoulder and leant her body against mine. I hugged her generously. Thankfully since that day I had never been harsh to her.

Babies are the most innocent beings, selfless and natural. The love one gets from them is unconditional and this is the most crucial thing I have learnt from them.

Patience - I could never acquire this trait, no matter how hard I tried. But she taught it to me so easily. While feeding her, bathing her, grooming her or waiting for her to do something, there is one thing I always do – be patient. Though she gets impulsive at times, or rather always, like when she needs milk, wants to get down from the chair or she wants to pick something, she wants it now. But her impulsiveness and restlessness have made me patient. In order to teach her how she should be calm in certain situations, I do so by presenting an example of myself.

Apart from these three qualities, I have learnt to be soft spoken, have faith, develop trust, become more tolerant. And I also make deliberate efforts to showcase these traits to prepare her for the same.

As I continue merrily on the journey of growing up from a crawler to toddler, I hope I continue to present her examples of myself by being what I want her to be. Amen!

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