How to be Efficient at Work

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I am posting the following guidelines on request of some readers and I must mention that I have taken the lessons from a man I admire immensely for his efficiency and decision making capability. He is well revered at his work place for his innovative thinking and analytic skills. None other than, my husband - Sanjay Kumar.

Here is what he shares from his knowledge and experience.

Continuous re-engineering – this is very important to bring a change in the process. Every process needs continuous monitoring for better performance and error-proofing. We must always look towards improving the existing practices and re-engineer the entire thing.

Understand each and every process first – In order to bring effective change in an organization, team or process, the prerequisite is to first understand how things actually take place. Who does what work and how. A thorough, comprehensive functional knowledge of the workflow helps in superior designing and optimizing.

Always approach your boss with a solution – Yes boss! This should be the phrase. Never approach him only with a problem. If he gives you a problem, accept the task and then work hard to find a solution. Instead of saying, ‘boss, we have a problem here’ say ‘boss, there is a problem but we can fix it’. Even if you encounter a problem, look for its solution yourself and then approach your boss. He would certainly appreciate your efforts and pro activeness.

Avoid procrastination – This is a must. It is always better to kill the problems then and there. The moment something doesn’t work, fix it immediately instead of moving on to the next step. Doing this reduces the pile of work and also avoids last minute rush.

Stay focused – It is better to work on one problem at a time instead of handling too many tasks. Though multi tasking has its own benefits but to be highly effective one has to find long term solution and with multitasking it becomes difficult to get to the root of the issue. Focus on one issue and resolve it completely. That way the whole work process becomes simpler.

Apart from the above, one thing that has always helped me is having a happy personal life. A stable, peaceful personal life lets you concentrate on your work better. :)

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  1. Giving solution to the boss is always appreciated but in my view give the solution only and keep the ultimate reusable key up to you . Coz if u share the ultimate key, bosses are smart enough to take all the credit without mentioning u in the solution and take all the credit on himself /herself. This is my learning. Correct me if I am wrong on this.

  2. Ohh yeah! Absolutely true. And you wont believe.. day before yesterday I and Sanjay talked about the same thing. It is always good to keep some 'key' - as you called it right, with you!


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