10 Simple Yet Amazing Gifts Your Spouse Will Love

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According to Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages, one language is ‘gifts’. It is true that gifts give exhilarating happiness to some people. And it is also true that a gift is worth a million words. It is a token of affection, care and love.

A gift means a lot only when it is especially made or hand picked. More than the money, it is the feeling and the effort which make it special for the receiver.

Gifts don’t need an occasion. They need heart. They need feelings and emotions with which someone gives a present. A simple gift of a pen means a lot to a writer and a similarly a romantic love note can mean world to a woman.

Right after our marriage, I wrote a poem for my hubby and he loved it. So much so that he always carries it with him in his wallet. A year later, he wrote a note for me which I have kept in my cupboard beneath my clothes. Every time I clean the shelf, I never forget to read it. Such can be the power and importance of a simple, non-expensive yet emotional gift.

Many a times when things can’t be expressed through words, a gift well expresses the emotions. Imagine the joy of your spouse who surprisingly sees a small packet in the closet or finds a love letter in the hand bag!
Also gifts bring a kind of newness. They liven up the atmosphere and bring cheer to the relationship. After all, it was for nothing that the practice of giving and taking gifts has been going on since eons.

Some amazing gift ideas

          A silent Just-You-And-Me time – silence at times is the most effective mode of communication. Hold your spouse close and sit down at a serene place (maybe porch or the balcony) and just sit quietly, for 15-20 mins. That silence will speak lot of things to your spouse. If you want to convey some thing, convey it through a kiss, touch, hug or hold hands. Simply enjoy the moment. Let the silence speak.

         Love Poem or a Love Note – if you can’t say it, write it. Tag it onto a mirror or hide it inside her closet or keep it in her purse. Let her find it whenever she reaches out to it or if you wish just silently hand it over to her. You won’t need to say anything to her after that.

           Run ‘A-Compliment-A-Day’ Week – it is not just a gift but more of an endeavour to develop a habit. Take a plunge to compliment your spouse each day for an entire week.  Compliment her for something new every day. And do it genuinely, this is the most important part. Every morning, pay her a cute compliment and see her evolve into a happier person. Do it around her birthday. Start one week in advance and on the birth day, compile a list of all the compliments you paid to her and attach it with a love letter or whatever you have planned for her.

            Cook a Meal – what a better way to surprise your spouse with a meal of his choice.
‘Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – follow this aphorism and let him revel and rejoice in a luxurious, delicious meal. Similarly to please your wife, reach home before she does (take an off if required) and cook for her. Set the table and don’t forget to light the candles.

        A Date Out – take your spouse out on a surprise date. Reserve a table at her favourite hang out spot and surprise her. You can also plan for a movie together if that suits you better. Other options can be a beach, a walk in the forests, candle light dinner on your terrace or anything depending on the taste of your spouse.

          Invite Best Pals – I am talking about your spouse’s best friends here. Plan a small get – together of her best pals – people she looks forward to meet or loves to hang out with. Quality time spent with close friends or family is an excellent way of relieving stress and taking a break from mundane life for a while.

         Self Hand Made Gift – make something for her yourself. Show your skills and gift her something that you have made exclusively for her. The best part of this is that whatever you make, it will be unique and the only piece available in the world. And she will love it.
Try making a wooden jewellery box, a hand made card, a canvas painting, a wall painting in one corner of the house, a night lamp or simply arrange her favourite flowers in a vase.

      Help Your Spouse to Complete An Assignment – this can be the best gift a spouse who is busy with pressing deadlines can get. Take time off your schedule and decide to help him in his assignment. If you don’t have any expertise in that field, ask your spouse if there is a way you can help him. You can probably assist him in writing the report or testing out his designs.

         Gadget – gift a gadget that makes your spouse’s life easy and more interesting. A kindle (if fond of reading), blood sugar monitor, BP monitor (in case of ailments),  are few such devices that are not very expensive but help a big deal in every day life. A gadget that automates few tasks for him is good. Buy him a magazine subscription or a software or an e Course.

         Surprise, Surprise and Surprise – nearly all women love surprises. Nothing works better than a surprise. On any day (you can do it just on any day, trust me) get some flowers delivered to her or come home earlier with a rose. Give her a spa treatment (with your hands and at your home!) or simply dedicate a song to her on a radio or tv program and switch it on for her to listen to it.

The above gestures will speak much louder than any expensive gift. Ask your spouse if you don’t believe me. 

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