Sometimes Happiness Means Doing Things For Others

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Yesterday was a simple, ordinary day, yet it was different. It was good in its own sweet ways.

Yesterday morning I got up, oblivious to the fact that my baby-sitter was late for the day. When she finally came, about an hour late, I looked at her and smiled. She has a bright smile and right upon entering the house she greets with a flashy smile. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

Within minutes, she came to me with the breakfast thali. I usually take corn flakes in breakfast. So, why this thali today, I wondered. Pat came the statement from my cook, 'Madam ji, aaj Rajeshwari ka birthday hai'. That s when I realized that it was her birthday which is why she was late as she prepared the breakfast at her home for us and got it here!

It was a delicious, sumptuous meal  and I and my hub loved every bite of it.

It was sweet that on her birthday she gave us a nice morning treat.

Rajeshwari is my baby sitter who has touched my life deeply in more ways than one. A wife, mother of two, a daughter-in-law and a baby sitter, she plays all these roles perfectly.  But what inspires me the most about her is her endurance.

Her husband was an alcoholic. She sobered him down in 2 years time. Now, he is a teetotaler. Her daughter suffers from an illness in which she gets fits and high fever as and when weather changes. She lives in a rented house. Her husband works on a contract basis in different places and manages to earn about 2K - 3K INR every month. She works at my place and gets around 2.5K per month.

In addition to this, she looks after her children, old mother-in-law, makes clay diyas at home and does every other house hold chore. Last month, she needed more money so she worked as a laborer for a month and made few bucks so that she could pay the rent of her house. With her determination and hard work, she even paid back the loan, her husband had taken while he sold away everything during his alcoholism.

I know Rajeshwari is not alone. There are millions of women like hers who struggle with their day to day life and run their families. But what sets her apart is that in the end, she has made it alright.

She turned her husband into a teetotaler; sends both of her kids to school; paid back the entire money they had borrowed; found a work for her husband which now pays him more than what he used to get.

So coming back to her birthday, I was quite touched with her gesture and decided to do something for her. I wanted to give her a gift in kind but she refused saying she was already too obliged. So, I got an idea - how about baking a cake for her!?

We recently bought an oven and since then tried to bake a cake but it was a bigger disaster each time. Yesterday was my last attempt at baking an eggless cake and for the first time it was okay!

We did the icing and Rajeshwari cut the cake. After she cut it, she hugged me and said, 'Madamji.. this is the best birthday I have had in last 11 years'. Her statement made my day and I was glad I could make her day. (Thats my cook next to me who helped me in baking it).

Here, Pahal was ready to cut it too.

I learnt an important lesson in life again - happiness means doing things for others.

I am planning to start a small venture in Diglipur for many women like her. And as expected would seek your support. And this reminds me to thank Nayan for buying all the cards that were displayed on my blog.

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  1. Woww...amazing Surabhi!! :) Such experiences really are worth cherishing...thank you so much for sharing it here!! :)

  2. Thanks dear. Your words will only motivate me more.

  3. So inspiring to hear such stories Surabhi. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Shilpa..

    Thank you.. thank you..!!

  5. wow Surabhi ..this is something we should all do once in our life time ..something for sumone who really cares for us !!feeling very nice after reading it.

  6. Thanks Prerana.. your words indeed mean a lot. :) Plz keep writing.

  7. how sweet is that..:) loved reading the post :)

  8. Pavani..

    Thanks for stopping by and sparing the time to comment. Plz keep coming back.

  9. Heart touching Surabhi! Loved reading it :)

  10. Very nice. Loved reading it. My eyes watered for a moment :)

    1. Hi Kat, really glad you liked the post. Thank you so much for writing! :)

  11. Very inspiring .... Yours Anamika !!


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