Story of Stubble!

12:18:00 AM

On one random day, someone asked, 'Why don't Gods, except Brahma ji,  have moustache and beards?'

This question got me thinking and I wondered, why villains are mostly either stubbled or bearded!  Why a chocolaty hero is always cute without stubble! and why defence forces have made a clean shave face a mandate! Why does every groom (Indian particularly) get clean shaved on his wedding day?! 

While I wondered these, my best friend confided in me.

"I like him. He loves me. But I just feel he is not clean. You know what I mean? He is never clean shaved except once for a official client meeting and he looked so handsome then!"

The poem below tells her tale with just a few twists and twirls.

He loved her, she liked him too,
He brought her flowers one day, 
Red, yellow and blue.

She hushed and blushed,
as he proposed,
He handed her the flowers
while she happily posed.

Then she imagined, 
what it would be like,
to kiss this man,
whose beard was tiny spike.

It meant dirty, 
villainous and unclean,
she had dreamt of a man, 
who knew how to preen.

'I wish he was clean shaved'
without moustache and stubble
He would have looked so great,
not tired and dull.

This is what true love is, 
when you read what eyes convey,
The boy understood what she meant,
and promised her to come back again another day.

Next day he was there again,
this time with a red rose,
'I love you darling'
he uttered with calm and compose.

She looked at him, 
he was neat and smart.
His clean shaven look bowled her over,
along with his big heart. 

Married they are now,
happy and gay,
she likes his clean face,
so he shaves every day! 

Note: This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

(The cartoons are drawn by me :D)

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  1. Hi Surabhi! This is such a cute and mushy post. I loved the poem and your cartoons. :D

    1. Hey Sampriti.. thank you sooo much!!!! soo glad you liked the post. yeah, it was one mushy post.

  2. hahahahah... really so nice post di.. I loved da poem alot..

  3. aha...nice post di..but I like guys who have beard..clean shaven is too old fashioned, isn't it ?? Anyhow I like beard.

    1. hihihihi... yeah.. people have different choices.. on some people, beard does look good! You like beard.. hmm.. I notice that.. ;)

  4. LOL. The cartoons are so cute.. <3 I don't like beard or the clean shaven face. I like my man with a two day a stubble :P The poem s funny n cute

    1. hehehe... two day stubble.. thats how many of us want our men to be..


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