WE and AAP...The People of India

4:48 PM

Note: This timely post comes from a friend and a reader, Shilpi Tyagi, a young girl who feels so strongly for her country from thousand of miles away. 

I was thinking why I was feeling so much for AAP. I had least interest in politics. I used to hate those moments when my dad browsed through news channels for political updates but today I am awake at 2 am to watch the results of Delhi elections. 

I am awake till 2 am because I want to see how the people of India support the small gamut of people who take it upon themselves to change the system - a task that seems no less than moving a mountain. 

I would call Arvind Kejriwal's decision to enter politics as emotional. I have a feeling that I can strongly relate to what he must have felt when he started all of this. 

When he started it, he underwent a trigger, a sudden surge of fire and a rock hard determination that he would bring a change, no matter what. 

I feel that all of us would have felt this emotion, this fire within us sometime or the other but we all are well trained in nipping it into the bud thinking what can I, only I, do? A drop doesn't count in an ocean, anyway! 

I would not talk for a bigger platform but would confine it to our day to day routine. I have also faced and won the miniature versions of similar battles in my professional and personal life. People call me introvert. They believe I am tight lipped though I dont accept it because I know that I am not an introvert, I am a sensible talker, who talks only when required, or atleast I like to think of it this way :)

But one question that I am unable to find an answer to is - there are people who are still against AAP. The people who voted for other parties. I wonder what makes them do that! 

Are there really any reasons or is it just the pre conceived notion that no one can really do anything good for us...that too without being asked to? 

I viewed a millions of interviews of APP workers, other parties and other common man but cud not find any reason to be against AAP.

I believe that if I were in their shoes, I would have answered all the questions in the same manner and spirit as these people are answering, with all honesty.

But then I tell myself that there are people of all kinds in the country. People who strive for change, people who thrive on change and then the one who are scared of change. 

Whatever it is, at the moment, I am just too happy for AAP's win and this has only made me stronger as a human being, for I now confirm that if there is one thing permanent in the world, it is change. 

Are you happy to see AAP coming up as a viable option for a political party? 

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  1. I am very happy for AAP too! I think it is a huge step in our country's democracy. There is a glimmer of hope that maybe there will be an end to all this corruption and mismanagement. Let's wait and watch.

    1. Same here Rachna. Though at this point of time, I wish for re-elections so that AAP comes up with majority.


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