When A Nightmare Is Just Averted..

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Have you ever been in a situation where you know you in a trouble and you have to wait for 12 hours or so to see if you can come out of it? A situation where it is not you but your most loved one who is in trouble? Has it happened to you when someone else does something and you hold yourself responsible for it relentlessly? 

I lived it couple of days back! And I can't explain what a traumatic situation it was! 

As many of you already know that I am doing my MA in Psychology from IGNOU and I have my second year exams in late third week of December. So this Saturday I was lazily lying on the bed and reading my psychology stuff on laptop while Pahal was sitting right next to me on the bed watching her favorite cartoon show on the TV. 

Suddenly out of the blues, Pahal exclaims 'mumma.. see it went inside my stomach!' I thought I didnt hear her clearly so I looked at her and pat she said it again, 'mumma see it is here inside my stomach', pointing to her petite stomach. 

I couldn't understand her so asked, 'what went inside?' 

'A green color button'

'Button? How come?'

'I ate it just now!'

'But where did you find the button from?'

'I found it from there', she replied pointing towards the pile of her other tiny bit toys lying around on the floor. 

'But there was no button in there?' I generally make sure that no micro things like pins, buttons etc lie anywhere around Pahal. I was kind of sure that there was no button around. 

'It was here mumma. It was a green color button'

'How did you eat it?'

'With my teeth. See I have so many white teeth.. see..', she said as she opened her mouth wide and pointed to her tiny pearls. 

I looked into her mouth and saw absolutely no trace of any button or any green color. And then I looked at the cartoon where two characters were arguing with each other over a small eatable. 

I got my answer. Pahal didn't eat any button. 

1. She does not put anything in her mouth. Nothing at all. 
2. She was right there with me on the bed and I didnt notice any green colo button anywhere
3. She was busy watching cartoon and thus I was sure that she had imagined eating the button

In this whole self-analysis process, I had completely forgotten that button can just not only be eaten, it can also be swallowed! 

The green button that Pahal had swallowed
Also, I had forgotten that when Pahal first told me that something had gone inside her stomach, I had woken up from my reverie which means that while I sat next to her, I was almost oblivious to her presence. 

Still I made her cough once and she coughed clearly. I called up Sanjay and told him everything and he calmly replied 'now, lets wait for her to poop.'

I made Pahal drink a glass of coconut water so that her wind pipe and food pipe clear out and then as time passed and she behaved normal, I began to forget about it. In the evening, on Sanjay's return we talked about it. 

Pahal's dad was firm that she had swallowed something for sure as she never says anything bizarre but I was kind of relaxed that she didn't. I had read a post on Swapna's blog where her daughter also claimed she had taken a pin inside but she actually hadn't. 

In the meantime, Sanjay continuously maintained that his daughter had indeed swallowed something and I was just laughing at his sillyness for laying so much thrust on a 3 yr old's statement. 

Finally next morning, as Pahal pooped, a small green colored button appeared. Right from her tiny stomach that she claimed the button went into. 

That small green button proved me wrong! It proved Pahal right. And it indeed proved Sanjay right in believing and placing so much trust in his daughter's blabbering. 

With the green button lying in that yellow colored shit, I exhaled a breathe of relief that if something went inside her, it had come out on its own. But the button also brought few revelations and questions for me. 

After seeing the button, I was relieved in a way but was also tensed for another. Does this signal that I need to monitor my ways of parenting? Does this mean I am not being a good, watchful mother? 

I spent many hours in blaming myself for this nightmare that luckily got averted. I realized that right now, till my daughters turns 8 or so, my main responsibility lies in knowing her, in understanding her. 

I compared myself with Sanjay and found myself so belittled and stupid. He, who spends half of the time with Pahal as compared to me, knows her much better than me. 

He loves her immensely and truly for he trusts her more unlike me. I had the over confidence in myself that led me to brush off her statement but he, despite all odds, continued to believe that if his daughter, once in 3.5 yrs, said she had eaten something means she had actually eaten something. 

This might seem a very trivial incident that we may just guffaw about but for me this is a big lesson of motherhood. 

I have learnt to not just listen to my instincts more mindfully but to listen to my child's instincts as well. 

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  1. Awww that was definitely a nightmare averted! I am so glad Pahal is absolutely fine. Kids!!!! I tell you!

    1. Yeah Swapna..! agree. these kids...

  2. Oohh how you must have panicked had you believed that Pahal was right when she said she had swallowed a button..In a way good that you believed she actually hadn't and that helped you wait till the next morning...Mothers do have a panic button that goes off on the slightest things happening to their kids while fathers have more presence of mind in situations like these.

    1. Aww Shireen.. u are just sooo sweet! Yeah, in a way you are right. Mothers tend to panic. Maybe I was a little relaxed which is why I could make her drink lot of liquid and notice her poop too! Thank you so much for commenting.. :-*

  3. Trusting the kid is something we all ooverlook, this was a great reminder

    1. Yes, it is. I learnt a great lesson!

  4. OMG these kids ........... I just can't believe Pahal ate a button I can imagine your plight once my daughter , now five years old put a chickpea in her nose she was eating them and then she came to me n told me mommy i have a chickpea in my nose...I was MORTIFIED I made her blow her nose thankfully it came out it was big for her tiny nose then. It was a nightmare averted for me too I cannot even imagine what would have happened to her if the chickpea didn't come out. we should always trust and listen to our kids no scope for overlooking here

  5. I cant' stop laughing after having babies how keen we are to watch the poops and pees even if they are ill docs wud say how did they pooed or peed?? phew not easy being a mother.

    1. Ha ha ha Heena, yeah you are right. As a mom one becomes expert in watching poop! hihihi. And yeah I can imagine your tension when your baby inhaled the chick pea. I am gearing myself up for watching her more mindfully. I feel so ashamed that I didnt take her words seriously. I was kind of sure she hadnt taken it inside. Well, once burnt, a lesson learnt.

  6. So happy that everything turned out fine. I understand the guilt you faced but look at it like this. You spend so much time with her and no matter what you do, you can't be watching her every move. And kids that young don't intentionally lie. Sometimes they may make up stories too. So, don't be harsh on yourself. Sit nicely and explain to her that these things if ingested can be dangerous. I am sure she will understand. You are doing a great job, Surabhi!

    1. Thank you so much Rachna for the kind words. Means a lot, truly. You are right, kids do make up stories particularly when they are watching cartoons. My girl tends to blabber more while she watches TV. What shames me more is the fact that my husband was sure and when we found out he was right, only I know how I felt. I mean, as a mom I am supposed to be closer to her! But then as you said, no matter how cautious I am with her, I can't watch her every move.

  7. Be happy that you kid tells you!! there r naughty kids who doesn't open their mouth..wen i was a kid,i had put a tub over my baby sis who was sleeping and sat on it.. n went away to play..my mom had come from kitchen n started searching her..n atlast wen she found her,she was under d tub struggling for breath!! my mom used to narrate this til date n my sis complains for attemting to kill her at a small age! wen kids r around,its necessary to be xtra cautious.:)

    1. Hey Soundarya, how are you? and you sat on the tub..? hihihi.. I know kids do things that only they do and they understand! I take your word - one has to be extra cautious.


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